Real Pig Farming

#RealPigFarming is hard work and dedication that never truly ends. It’s waking up every hour during the night to check on a gilt having her first litter of piglets. It’s staying up from 2 am until 7 am to assist farrowing a difficult delivery and still going to school or work that day. It’s holding a newborn piglet in your arms and helping him figure out how to nurse. It’s about watching him grow from day one to the champion we know he’s going to be one day. It’s doing all we can to doctor that sick pig, spoon feeding him yogurt and giving him Gatorade out of the bottle. It’s taking that same pig to the Oregon State Fair to place in showmanship and win 4-H Champion Market Hog with one born and bred at home. It’s crying after he sold because we spent the last 6 months pouring our hearts into making him the best he can be. It’s starting over again day in and day out because we are driven by passion for these animals and the industry. Real pig farming is doing all we can do to give that animal the best life he could have. It’s growing and learning through the process to become a better person. We don’t do it for the money or the ribbons and buckles, those are just a bonus. We do it because it’s what we love.

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