Life is about the moments. The ones you never get back. It’s about going to the beach with your best friend.

Sure, its finals week and I should be studying. But, that’s no fun. So I got in my car and I drove to the beach. I wasn’t going to get anything productive done at home anyways. Unless you count finishing an entire Netflix series in two days productive.

I needed this. I needed a break.

There’s something about the wind in your hair, toes in the sand, and the sound of the ocean that does it for me. I walk out onto the beach and I instantly feel relief. I don’t have to worry here. I’m happy here.

I have a lot of happy memories at the beach since I can first remember. Being little and running around in nothing but underwear even though it’s raining and the water is freezing. Taking the dogs to run endlessly down the ocean line. Twirling in circles just feeling free.

And today, sitting on the beach with the warn sun and cold wind on my face with my best friend at my feet. It’s about these moments.


I feel whole here.

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