Modern Housewife

I want to be the modern version of a country housewife.

The stigma around being a housewife is usually negative – doing all the cooking, cleaning, and raising. I want to change that, make it more modern. Yes, I still want to cook, clean, and raise my children, but not all by myself. That’s where the modern comes in.

I want a man who will cook with me, clean with me, and raise our children with me. Key word: with.

I want a man who sees the same value in the work I do at home and the work he does at his job.

I want this because I want to be able to stay home, raise my children, and not be stigmatized for my choice.

It’s not about gender roles. It’s not about not having job skills, confidence, and goals. It’s about me and what I want to do.

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