May 8, 2017


I think about love a lot. About how crazy of an emotion it is. A combination of emotions really. It’s its own kind of rollercoaster; one I never want to get off of.

I’m so in love.

I’ve never felt love like this before. There’s love like you love your mom and dad, and siblings, friends even. Then there’s this love. Someone you choose. I chose to love this human, and I choose to love him every day. How cool is that?

So cool.

He’s my guy. My person. The one living thing on this planet I tell everything to (besides my dog). He gets me, puts up with me, makes fun of me. His hugs make me forget my problems, his kisses leave me wanting more, and his love melts my heart.Β How special is that?

So special.

Our love is a good love. It isn’t always an easy love. But, it’s a worth it kind of love. I don’t have words for this kind of love. And I think that’s okay.

This is the kind of love that wins.0016-E1433 Ryly Barber

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